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Knut Andresen

Website: www.audiorommet.no
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About Knut Andresen: Knut Andresen is a Norwegian music producer who started his career as a drum player in various local bands in Oslo. With the improvements of today's technology, he became one of those music producers who broke the limitations of being stuck to the massive sound recording studios, and global record labels.

His collaborations with various musicians in Norway and in other countries, helped his style to be vibrant and colorful. Although his musical roots lies in the past, being a multi-instrumentalist and searching for the latest musical toys, keeps him fresh and different.

Additional to writing songs, he also creates music and soundtracks for commercials and visual materials. We hope you'll enjoy his music.

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Play Song  Loveline

by: Knut Andresen
Uploaded by: neokmin

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: [None]
Genres: Electro , Electronic , Industrial
Moods: Chaotic , Dramatic , Pushy
Styles: Action Adventure , Car Chase , Confusion , Danger , Dramatic Soundtrack , Fashion Show , Hi-Tech , Inspirational , Motivational , Sports/Athletic
Instruments: Bass - Electric , Computer , Drums
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