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Paul J. Deakin

Website: www.filmcomposerpd.com
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About Paul J. Deakin: Paul is an award-winning composer for film, tv, musical theatre and video games.

Credits include the new feature film Eyeborgs, documentaries on national TV networks, a Broadway-bound epic stage musical, and lots of short films.

Paul works with clients around the globe and can deliver music in any format. He writes all styles,from dramatic & orchestral action to cinematic piano, lush hollywood sounding strings, to dark & sinister indie soundtracks, acoustic, rock or solo instrumental and vocal work, ethnic and rare instrument scores, atmospheric soundscapes or pop.

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Play Song  How Far Will You Go?

by: Paul J. Deakin
Uploaded by: kinwalt

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Type: Song
Subject: [None]
Genres: Ambient , Electronic , Euro Pop , Film Scores , Industrial , Orchestral
Moods: Driving , Epic , Mechanical , Relaxed , Serene , Soaring , Sophisticated
Styles: Dramatic Soundtrack , Travel Channel , Travelling , TV Themes
Instruments: [No Data]
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