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Gamers In Exile

Website: www.unbearablerecordings.co.uk
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About Gamers In Exile: A chance meeting in a cupboard of two italians living in London.
Gamers In Exile released music mainly through their own label Unbearable Recordings.
Lately they've been involved more heavily in films with the soundtracks of seminal documentary Biutiful Cauntri - a film on illegal waste disposal in Italy - and Aelita, the russian masterpiece from 1924 reworked for Palazzo delle Esposizioni in
They also answer to the names of Guido Zen and Valerio C. Faggioni.

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Play Song  I'm A Decent Man

by: Gamers In Exile
Uploaded by: Biomicro

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Type: Song
Subject: [None]
Genres: Avant Garde , Electro , Electronic , Funk , IDM , Pop , Power-Pop , Synth
Moods: Bittersweet , Cool , Dancing , Driving , Energetic , Hectic , Positive , Uplifting
Styles: Happiness , Hi-Tech , Motivational , Video Games
Instruments: Accapella , Drum Machine , Keyboard/Synthesizer , Sampler , Strings , Synthesizer , Vocals
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