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Elena Stepanova

Website: www.etherstrings.ru
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About Elena Stepanova: Elena specializes in electronic and electronic experimental music. Her professional experience includes working with dance/electronica bands as a musician, songwriter and sound producer, writing music for theatre performances and video art projects. She uses synthesizers of all kinds, including theremins, to create soundtracks, instrumental music, atmospheric vibes, mystery themes etc. Elena's solo project is titled Helga's Ephemeris. She also contributed songs and vocals for Argonika's "Rainbow Hunter" album.

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Play Song  When The Full Moon Shines (Tir-na Nog'th)

by: Elena Stepanova
Uploaded by: 1000tracks

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: 'Amber Sketches' (influenced by Roger Zelazny's Nine Princes in Amber)
Genres: Ambient , Electronic , Psychedelic
Moods: Atmospheric , Magical , Reflective
Styles: Fairy Tales , Mystery , Sci-Fi
Instruments: Keyboard/Synthesizer , Synthesizer , Theremin
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