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Joey Stebanuk Music

Website: joeystebanukmusic.weebly.com
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About Joey Stebanuk Music: Joey Stebanuk is an instrumentalist from Canada that composes in many popular genres and styles, all performed on real instruments. No samples, virtual instruments or song construction kits are used whatsoever. Joey is an alternative to computer generated music. Joey is known for his outstanding versatility delivering authentic and convincing performances within all his genres. Joey's music has unique character and a personal style high in mood ,emotion and personality. Joey's music has been placed on MTV programming, in feature films, commercials, corporate videos, DVDs, photography videos, web videos, etc. and is also being used in various venues as background music.Emmy award winning producers are among clients that have used his music for various projects. Joey's music is presently featured on 31 artist compilation albums distributed world wide and counting. Joey's featured instrument is the guitar, electric and acoustic. Many sounds and effects on his compositions are mistakenly taken as other instruments but are actually created on guitars as Joey is also a guitar soundscaper. Joey's music is timeless and his musical offerings will satisfy and meet the needs of various styles, genres, moods and emotions.. If you need something unique ,original,interesting but familiar give his music a listen.

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by: Joey Stebanuk Music
Uploaded by: jjsteb

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: An upbeat fun traditional country guitar instrumental that is a bit quirky, funny, happy and lovable. A great humorous side to it. Great for comedy, cartoon, fun and anything good natured with a funny vibe. Great guitar picking, steady bass and drums. It has a fast feel. Simply delightful. Very "up"
Genres: Children , Comedy , Country , Film Scores , Old Time , Roots
Moods: Bouncy , Bright , Energetic , Fun , Funny , Happy , Lively , Positive , Quirky , Twangy
Styles: Action Adventure , Cartoon , Childrens Production , Comedy , Excitement , Happiness , Screwball Comedy , Slapstick , Video Games , Western
Instruments: Bass - Electric , Drum Kit , Guitar - Electric
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