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Cinematic Soundtrack

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About Cinematic Soundtrack: Music by CINEMA SONIC:
Cinematic music is exactly what it sounds like – music for the cinema. Typically orchestral but often crosses over many genres, these tracks can vary widely in feeling and emotion, and are easily tied to the emotional highs and lows of the film and its story. Often times, this variance in style and emotion can be found within a single cinematic track.

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Play Song  Shadows Of Doubt 2 - piano and slide guitar

by: Cinematic Soundtrack
Uploaded by: CinemaSonix

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: Piano & Strings - Romantic Drama
Genres: Acoustic , Ambient , Ballad , Easy Listening , Film Scores , New Age , Orchestral , World Music
Moods: Bittersweet , Calm , Cautious , Doubtful , Dreamy , Heartfelt , Longing , Mournful , Mysterious , Romantic
Styles: Dramatic Soundtrack , Heartbreak , Humanity , Leaving , Love , Memories , Mystery , Nostalgic , Sadness , TV Drama
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , French Horn , Horns , Piano , Slide Guitar , Strings
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