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Andrew Lahiff

Website: andrewlahiff.com
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About Andrew Lahiff: Andrew Lahiff is a composer of atmospheric ambient music.

Only the Mirror (2011)
Catching Light (2011)
The Perception Lingers (2011)
Six Trees in the Colony (2010)
Cosmic Archeology (2010)
Shapes in Clouds (2010)
A Perpetual Point in Time (2010)
Tracing Memories of the Silent Earth (2009)
Tales of Hidden Algebra (2009)
Origins of the Eternal Journey (2008)
Somewhere Under the Sky (2008)
Suspended Twilight (2008)
Illusion Fields (2007)
The Constant Horizon (2007)
Following Circular Pathways (2006)
Approaching Worlds (2004)
The Distant Lights of Forgotten Places (2004)
Drifting into Darkened Canyons (2003)

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by: Andrew Lahiff
Uploaded by: AndrewLahiff

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: [None]
Genres: Ambient , Electronic , New Age
Moods: Atmospheric , Calm , Contemplative , Dreamy , Haunting , Hopeful , Peaceful
Styles: Humanity , Inspirational , Peace
Instruments: Synthesizer
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Only the Mirror
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