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About Optikatechniqua: Optikatechniqua creates savage soundscapes taking influences from Jungle, Techno, Industial & Ragga genres. Blistering psycho beats, heavy dread basslines & evil background tones. A must for chase/action/fight/club scenes.

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Play Song  Red Of Tooth And Claw

by: Optikatechniqua
Uploaded by: alternativeblueprint

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Type: Song
Subject: Some evil psycho's lair
Genres: Ambient , Avant Garde , Darkwave , Electronic , Film Scores , Gothic , Industrial , Noise , Sound Effect
Moods: Aggressive , Angry , Dark , Disturbing , Eerie , Evil , Pensive , Scary , Sinister , Vengeful
Styles: [No Data]
Instruments: Computer , Djembe , Keyboard/Synthesizer , Synthesizer
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Sinister Dub
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