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Feeding Fingers - Official

Website: www.feedingfingers.com
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About Feeding Fingers - Official: Founded in 2006 by novelist, international award-winning animator, musician - Justin Curfman. Feeding Fingers has since released three critically-acclaimed albums, toured the USA and Europe extensively alongside the likes of Nitzer Ebb, David J (of BAUHAUS, Love and Rockets, etc.), IAMX (The Sneaker Pimps) - among others. The group has also performed twice on NPR (National Public Radio).

Feeding Fingers has three critically - acclaimed full length albums:

"Wound in Wall" (2007)
"Baby Teeth" (2009)
"Detach Me From My Head" (2010)

All of the material therein is available for licensing opportunities, not just what is featured here on YouLicense.

If you are interested in using any of Feeding Fingers' material (not just what is offered here on YouLicense), please feel free to contact Tephramedia Publishing directly at: tephramedia@gmail.com

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