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Sam Hayman

Website: samhayman.com
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About Sam Hayman: Hello and welcome to my profile page! My name is Sam Hayman and I’m a pianist, composer, orchestrator & producer.

I come from a musical family and started playing the piano when I was very little. When I was about 4 years old, I started formal training with a few private teachers until I was able to enroll in music schools and graduate in piano performance.

When I turned 18 I started playing solo classical concerts but was also very lucky to perform with various orchestras around Europe. Later on, I joined a jazz trios and started touring with the guys as well as playing with the occasional big band.

I believe that music touches people’s soul, gives a deeper meaning to our lives and communicates to us what we would never accomplish to communicate with words. Every piece of music I compose is inspired by very deep emotions and comes from the soul – the craft is only there to help me put those feelings into my music.

Every piece of music that I upload on YOULICENSE, is and will always be of the highest quality, providing you with a means to further enhance your productions.

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Play Song  Eternal Muse

by: Sam Hayman
Uploaded by: samhayman

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: [None]
Genres: Classical , Film Scores , Opera , Orchestral
Moods: Dramatic , Dreamy , Emotional , Regal
Styles: Dramatic Soundtrack , Humanity , Triumph
Instruments: Choir , Orchestra
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