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Denis Delcroix

Website: www.denis-delcroix.com
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About Denis Delcroix: Denis Delcroix is an experienced French composer for media, arranger and music producer from Bordeaux, France.

He has been trained in harmony and musical composition at the National Conservatoire of the Region of Bordeaux (France) until 1992. This formation were followed by a few years working in a recording studio and collaborations on various musical projects.

He offers you full-service music composition and production in a full range of genres, and in accordance with your requirements.

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Play Song  Om Namah Shivaya - Chill Lounge

by: Denis Delcroix
Uploaded by: denisdelcroix

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Type: Song
Subject: Indian, Chillout, Lounge
Genres: Chill-out , Indian , Lounge , World Music
Moods: Epic , Meditative , Mystical , Peaceful
Styles: Humanity , Indian , Inspirational , Peace
Instruments: Female backing , Flute , Percussion
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