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Airbag Killex

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About Airbag Killex: Airbag Killex discovered his first software sequencer almost 10 years ago.
As his interest for the genre increased, he strated buying a long army of synths , drum samples and toys - the first in 1998 at the age of fifteen.
Music is just one of the projects he is involved in related to computers and electronic stuff ; from cd artwork and graphics to video editing, Airbag Killex is also an appreciated media artist with his own mark La Maison Blue.
During 2001 he started the experimental project Velcro with Andrea Tumicelli , introducing live performances into his own experience. Velcro's livesets are basically improvisations , supported by visuals created by Airbag Killex who also edited the new version of Nosferatu by F.W.Murnau included in Velcro's DVD , released in 2005. In 2006 Mandolin Records (London) released a Velcro live set recorded in the summer of 2005 .

Airbag Killex loves collaboration : he played live programming and drum samples with the italian jazz ensemble Kunfufunk; he made some tracks with vocals by Proteus (mc from Altered Beats); at the moment he's working on the Sound Terrorists project with his italian friend and producer Marco Mohamed.
Also he made a remix album for the italian electro duo DMT Synth , and remixed some friends' experimental songs on Qoob.tv community.
He's now working with Team Skeme , from Texas , with whom he has made 2 tracks up to now ; he made 4 tracks as a remixer for the Offering (UK).
Most of these collaborations are made through the net.
Airbag Killex has recently started a new project : Lou_Pen 3RD is the 4/4 groovy side of his noisy production from minimal to electro/break. Expect great things to come.

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by: Airbag Killex
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Type: Instrumental
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Genres: Avant Garde , IDM
Moods: Dark , Nervous , Worried
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Instruments: Sampler
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