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Hip Hop Dance Beats

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About Hip Hop Dance Beats: Hip Hop Dance Beats created for Dance, Background, Trax for Vocals. A number of the grooves have thematic overtones for programmatic use, and most of the titles are descriptive.

Bass Vox Loop
Call Me
Classic Drum Loop
Drum Bass Freestyle
Funhouse Nightmare
Harmonic Minor (No Solo)
Harmonic Minor (With Guitar-Synth Solo)
Once Again
Short Beat
Sinister [Extended Timing]

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by: Hip Hop Dance Beats
Uploaded by: chelaBOP

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Type: Beat
Subject: Drum Groove Variations
Genres: Acid House , Breakbeat , Drum & Bass , Dub , Electronic , Funk , Hip Hop , Industrial , R & B , Rap , Techno , Trance
Moods: Cool , Energetic , Funky , Hypnotic , Laid-Back , Mechanical , Repetitive
Styles: Dramatic Soundtrack , Eighties (1980s) , Nineties (1990s)
Instruments: Bass - Electric , Drum Kit , Electric Piano , Guitar - Electric , Keyboard/Synthesizer , Voice Samples
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