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Karen FitzGerald

Website: www.karenfitzgerald.com
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About Karen FitzGerald: Contemporary instrumental performing and recording artist Karen FitzGerald brings together a classically trained technique with a deeply personal musical intuition that comes straight from the heart. Her solo piano compositions range from delicate and soothing to passionate and soul-stirring, evoking the beauty of nature, the subtle shades of human emotion, and a longing for spiritual wholeness.

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by: Karen FitzGerald
Uploaded by: karenf

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: [None]
Genres: Acoustic , Ambient , Classical , Easy Listening , New Age
Moods: Calm , Caring , Dreamy , Easy , Heartfelt , Heavenly , Hopeful , Hypnotic , Meditative , Mellow , Peaceful , Reflective , Relaxed , Romantic , Serene , Smooth , Soft , Thankful , Thoughtful
Styles: Elevator Music/Public Access TV , History Channel , Lullaby , Nature/Science/Cultural , Travel Channel
Instruments: Piano
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Heart of the Rain
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