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Website: myspace.com/angelcrackmusic
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About angelcrack: I live and work in Boston & Sarajevo and friends calls me Miz[i]. [angelcrack] is my side project which displays sounds driven by my influences ranging from The Prodigy, The Crystal Method, Amon Tobin, DJ Shadow, Massive Attack and The Shizit amongst other great projects, respectively. I've always felt entranced by danceable broken beats and harsh rhythms that were audio paintings of complexity, impact and maximum spectrum of styles of music that appealed to those that love to give their speakers a workout. Shortly put, this shit is heavy and it does a proper job at keeping the adrenalin on the dance floor alive and kicking. My background is electronic score production and the music you hear has been used in various media formats throughout the commercial and web industry. I hope you dig what you hear, drop me a line! - miz

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