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Golden Boy (Fospassin)

Website: www.myspace.com/goldenboyf
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About Golden Boy (Fospassin): Golden Boy (Fospassin) is an artist who has been all over the world to present "The new way hiphop with alternative".Tight rythmes, great chorus and excellent productions brought his music at the top level of arts and entertainment.Fantastic composer and energetic singer-dancer, he has been awarded more than 15 times in 2 years.His music life has never been easy because most of radio stations and televisions here deal only with big artists names with no talent."I'm not a big artist with no talent like them. I have the talent... I`m a good singer, excellent dancer, sexy flat artist at the top level. I don`t care who they are and i don`t care what they do...They have big names with no talent. What are they singing about? And those radios and televisions want me to be like them? I`ll never... They need to be like me...": Golden Boy (Fospassin) said.Very nice treatment, appropriate attitude and believable sincerity, Golden Boy (Fospassin) wants us to be fair by giving the chance to others to get heard because there are a lot of talented artists out there who don`t have the way to be listenedto. We noticed that big things are made for big names. That`s not how the music entertainment world should be treated.
Magazines, radio stations, televisions and gigs are no more fair because we need to be part of their partners to be discovered. The world is going on the wrong way.Golden Boy (Fospassin) has published 3 albums "Top Feeling," "Hot Sexy", "Action 6" all of them available on Amazon.com, itunes, rhapsody, napster, emusic, connect and others.Stay focused with the new way hiphop with Golden Boy (Fospassin) the sexy artist and the best dancer in the world.

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