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About me:
Adrina Thorpe has been writing songs as long as she can remember. Her first song, written on a rainy day when she was six years old, was about a friend of hers who moved away without saying goodbye. It brought a tear to her face as she wrote it in a driving car while the driving rain poured outside. Driving continues to be a source of inspiration for Adrina Thorpe, as does heartache, silence and solitude.

Although Adrina Thorpe may be best known for her writing and vocals on the international trance hit “Who Will Find Me” (DJ Shah feat Adrina Thorpe: Armada Records, 2007) which the world’s number one DJ, Armin Van Buuren, has spun for crowds of 30,000+ and named his favorite song for the last two years, Adrina’ passion has always been for music in the contemplative alternative pop genre.

Adrina Thorpe has performed hundreds of shows at venues such as The Hotel Cafe, The Shrine Auditorium, Mamapalooza, Colleges, Coffee Shops and everything in-between.

Since releasing her debut album Elusive, Thorpe has gained a considerable following and earned continued success. Many tracks from Elusive were featured on TV networks CW and Lifetime, as well as in several independent films.

Adrina Thorpe’s sophomore solo album, “Halflight & Shadows” journeys deeper than ever before. It is not your typical album of love songs. Below its surface, it chronicles the eternal struggle of light against the darkness, and the yearning that each of us faces everyday, the quest for a beautiful life.

** note - most of the songs up here on youlicense are Adrina's more positive themed ballads. Check out her website to hear some of the darker more melancholic pop/rock tunes... which are also available for licensing. http://www.adrinathorpe.com

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Company: Adrina Thorpe Music
Website: www.adrinathorpe.net
“Mesmerizing and spellbinding” Music Connection Mag “exquisite, soaring…” Palo Alto News "flawless, velvet rich" Rock N Reel Mag ** note - more songs available for licensing at adrinathorpe.com