57 Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2018 (Reviews & Comparison)

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57 Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2018 (Reviews & Comparison) – Using the best choice of web hosting service is one of determining factors on how well you will succeed in developing your website or blog. Hosting is one of the most important components in building a website or blog with the wide range of criteria and types. Deciding what type of hosting you should use needs to be based on some considerations, such as speed, stability, security, the range of features, how large is the disk space, best prices offered, overall quality, and many other important things. This article will help you to choose the best free web hosting sites 2018.

the best free web hosting 2018
the best free web hosting 2018

Since the development of weblog-based internet technology occurs very swiftly, there are many web hosting providers which offer web hosting packaged with many types. The common types found are shared hosting, cloud hosting, SSD hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. They become the solution to any web hosting needs of webmasters and bloggers with various needs, starting from personal blogs, news portal web sites, community web site, e-Commerce, etc.

The Recommended Top Free Web Hosting Sites 2018

  1. X10 Hosting


The first best free web hosting service is X10 Hosting. With more than ten years of experience in providing the best web hosting for its customers, X10 Hosting is definitely the best and most well-known free web hosting service. There are many advantages offered by X10 Hosting. Some of them are quick member registration, high specifications, and you will get access to more than 200 installers that make the website hosted run more quickly.

  1. Byethost

byet host
byet host

Byethost has more than one highly stable network among all free web hosting service providers. This advantage can be offered because of the premium services they add to free packages. This makes byethost preferred by many free web users. Although using the free service, users can get not only free community support, but also free 24/7 technical support. This proves that Byethost deserves to be rated as one of the best free web hosting sites 2018.

  1. 5GBFree


5GBFree is a free web hosting service provider which does exactly what its name suggests. The offer they make is new to the world of web hosting services, so it cannot be guaranteed how long this offer will last. But to this day, 5GBFree is still one of the best free web hosting service providers.

  1. AwardSpace


AwardSpace was launched for the second time in 2003 after being on recess for several years. This time, they came back with a free web hosting service which allows every user to experience the greatness of their service. Most customers are satisfied with the service they offer. Another advantage offered by AwardSpace is 24/7 technical support for all users, but users who pay for the services are prioritized.

  1. WebFreeHosting


WebFreeHosting is also ranked as one of the best free web hosting service providers. The specifications of the service they offer is enough for most users. If needed, users can upgrade their packages easily and affordably. One of the most prominent advantages from WebFreeHosting is the speed and security of their server. If you use their services, you don’t need to worry about anything.

  1. 000WebHost


000WebHost is one of the most recommended providers to users who are looking for free web host. Apart from the easy registration process, the specifications and features they offer are not only promises and you will not be trapped into paying any hidden costs. Having a service that has lasted for more than ten years make it easy for 000WebHost to become one of the best free web hosting 2018.

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  1. Hostwinds


If you are looking for free hosting unlimited, Hostwinds can be your perfect match. By using the service from HostWinds, you will get unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Whichever package you choose, whether it is basic, advanced, or ultimate, you will get unlimited space. All these three packages also offer free IP address that’s especially dedicated to your page. Not all hosting service providers offer this feature.

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Hostwinds also offers super quick services and reliable support team who can help you whenever you need them. If you are currently having your site on another platform, HostWinds will happily help you transfer your website to their platform for free.

  1. Free Web Hosting Area

FreeWHA was launched in 2005. With more than a decade of experience, they have proven that they are capable of maintaining their wonderful services for years. Although FreeWHA’s website looks outdated, the most important thing is that the service of their quality is unquestionable, including the free web hosting service.

free web hosting area
free web hosting area

If you have decided to use the web hosting service from FreeWHA, there are several things to remember. First, your free web hosting subscription will never expire as long as your website gets at least one visitor each month. Next, if your website has not attracted that many visitors, you will not see any advertisements in your website.

When the visitor count reaches a certain limit, some advertisements will appear in your website. If you don’t want these advertisements to appear, you can pay a low price of $12 per year to get rid of them.

Other Best Free Web Hosting Sites of 2018

  1. byehost.com space : 1gb domain: .byehost.com
  2. Jimdo.com space : 500mb domain: .jimdo.com
  3. webs.com space : domain: .webs.com
  4. Freehostia.com space : 250mb
  5. Blogspot.com space unlimited, domain: .blogspot.com
  6. freewebhostingarea.com space: 1500mb, domain: coolpag.biz, freeda.com, fretzi.com, freevar.com, orgfree.com, noads.biz, ueuo.com, 6te.net, eu5.org, xp3.biz
  7. hostinger.com space : 2gb, domain: xyz[price-INR:66.31($1)]
  8. xtreehost.com space : 5.5gb, domain: subdomain
  9. zymic.com space : 6000mb domain: .99k.org,zxp.net,zymichost.com
  10. 110mb space 110mb domain: .110mb.com
  11. Uhostfull space : 20gb domain: sundomain
  12. freehostingnoads.com space : 20gb domain: subdomain
  13. 50webs.com space : 500mb domain: subdomain
  14. ailityhoster.com space : 1000mb domain: subdomain
  15. biz.nf: space : 250mb, doamin: co.nf
  16. 000webhost.com space :1500mb domain: .site.88,netne.net
  17. wix.com space 500mb domain: .wix.com
  18. 1freehosting.com space : 10gb domain: .1freehosting.com
  19. 2freehosting.com space :20gb domain: 2freehosting.com
  20. weebly.com space : unlimited domain .weebly.com
  21. x10hosting.com space : 1024mb domain: .x10hosting.com
  22. freehostingeu.com space : 200mb domain: .eu.pn
  23. award space.net space : 1gb domain: .award space.net
  24. freehosting.com space unlimited domain: no domain
  25. freehostspace.com space : 250mb domain: .freehost space.com
  26. free- space.net space : 200mb domain: .free-space.net
  27. Rrshost.com space: 20000mb domain: .rrshost.com
  28. yola space : 1gb domain: .yola.com
  29. Edublogs space : 32gb, domain: .edubolgs.com
  30. zettahost.com space : 1000mb domain: subdomain
  31. hourb.com space : unlimited domain: cu.cc
  32. webfreehosting space : 1gb domain: subdomain
  33. online.biz space : 8gb domain: subdomain
  34. i6networks.com space : 5000mb domain: i6networks.com
  35. freewebsites.com space : unlimited domain: freewebsites.com, checkoutmypage.com, mypagerocks.com
  36. neocities space : 50mb domain: subdomain
  37. angelfire space : 20mb domain: subdomain
  38. moonfruit space : 20mb domain: subdomain
  39. zettahost.com space 1gb domain: zettahost.com
  40. Freeoda space 1500mb domain: freeoda.com
  41. wordpress space : 3gb domain: .wordpress.com
  42. thefreesite space : unlimited domain: .thefreesite.com
  43. 50megs.com space : 50mb domain: subdomain
  44. myownfreehost space : unlimited domain: subdomain
  45. freeola.com space : unlimited domain: subdomain
  46. altervista domain: .altervista.org
  47. host-ed-.net space : 1gb domain: subdomain
  48. nazuka.net space : unlimited domain: .nazuka.net
  49. free-webhosts.com domain: subdomain
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Looking for Free Web hosting cPanel unlimited? This is the Solution

An unlimited cPanel web hosting is also a possibility in this era. There is no need to doubt BlueHost’s quality because even WordPress recommends it as one of the best web hosting service providers. That is how good BlueHost is. BlueHost is most well-known for its high security. BlueHost is also ranked as one of the best free web hosting sites 2018.

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BlueHost offers three layered security features such as Spam experts, spam hammer, and Apache spam assassin. You will also get SSH to add even more protection to your website. According to surveys, the BlueHost cPanel is still the best and easiest to use to this day. You don’t need to worry about anything while using Bluehost, because it offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Those are some of the most recommended free web hosting sites 2018. Choose the one that suits your needs best and prepare to unleash the full potential of your beloved website.

57 Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2018 (Reviews & Comparison)
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