Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card 2018
Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card 2018

Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card 2018

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Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card 2018 – Imagine how you are walking around the world or you are going to shop overseas and you don’t have a credit card on your hand. It must be very confusing, right? Meanwhile, going abroad always deals with shopping. Many destinations which are very good for shopping will actually attract you to hand out your credit card in front of the cashier, especially for electronic lovers. However, what if you don’t have any credit card? Can you do shopping? Can you Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card 2018? The answer is Emi.

how to shoping on EMi without credit card
how to shopping on EMi without credit card

Moreover, common people in this world now often use the simple way of getting transaction, including buy-sell. Especially people who run on the big business do the transaction in online way such as Emi. Emi, in which the buyer do not need a credit card make it more popular. This can be the strength and be the most-wanted shopping way among other ways offered. That’s why, shopping on Emi without credit card is quite recommended.

What is EMI?

Emi is defined as equated monthly installment. It is also a part of equal money that is monthly divided on a loan in a time frame. The Emi is influenced by the following factors;

  1. Principal usage
  2. Interest rank
  3. Loan tenure
  4. Annual resting period

In EMI, there is no default payment. Emi functions to pay the interest component and the principal toward the loan. The top level of interest component becomes the first EMI and the second one is the lowest level principal component. The interest component tends to decrease, while the principal component tends to increase. Thus, the top level of interest component becomes the first EMI and the second one is the lowest level principal.

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Any time you make an application of a loan, whether it is a car loan or a home loan, you may use two usual patterns as follows:

  1. Down payment

Down payment is considered as your asset value in which the cost remaining of the property is getting high when you are making external funding.

  1. EMI (Equated Monthly Installment)

In Emi, the interest will be calculated for the loan tenure. Principal is added by interest resulting the total amount expected.

Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card 2018

Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card can be done easily on Emi as a digital way of payment. There are several ways how to shop on Emi without a credit card.

  1. Use Kissht Emi card credit limit

Kissht emi card
Kissht emi card


First, you need to click the activation of kissht Emi card. Upload the basic documents which are requested. Then, the kissht Emi card is in active mode. On the check out page, choose kissht. This is applicable when you are shopping at your partners. Online merchant will request their customers to shop online, therefore, you must download kissht application. Request an approval of your down-payment and loan. Sent the loan approval via post and the merchant will directly post the product.

  1. Use Zestmoney.


Zestmoney is considered the fastest way of payment with digital Emi and without credit card. Zestmoney is more common to used by people who don’t have accredit card.

How to shop on Emi Without Credit Card:

Here are some ways how to Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card 2018:

  1. Choose the product you will buy

Decide to check the option to the product on the options provided. Usually, the products which are available to be sold in Emi are electronic things such as mobile phone, laptop, cameras, netbook or other electronic devices. But generally there is also furniture sold in Emi.

  1. Complete the registration

You must complete the registration process by uploading the documents required. However, you need one day for the approval.

  1. Choose a loan tenure

Payment options are always displayed. There you must choose one that matches your need.

  1. Obtain the product

The product you have bought will directly come to your house after the approval you have received.

  1. Pay the Emi’s

Emi always asks you to pay Emi’s when it is the time to pay.

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Emi is now very familiar in India. It is because India and the Japanese company have made such partnership that the aim of selling products can rise high significantly. They provide the consumers an ease to go shopping on Emi without credit card. In this way, Emi has important roles to enable the smartphones and other devices reasonable and affordable for the consumers in India. Again, Emi is the solution that is resulting smartphone market with millions of customers.

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  Benefits of shopping on Emi without credit card.

  1. Flexible

Looking for luxurious and glamorous devices is easy in Emy. You don’t have to go on the roads to find the mall or devices market. In other words, when it is unreacheable, shopping on Emi without credit card is the answer.

  1. Fast response on approval

The approval of shopping in Emi is rather fast. The companies will simply check your online credit history to decide to give a loan or not. You just need to wait in not more than a half an hour to make a deal.

  1. Need only minimum documents

Documents which are required to deal the transaction are not as many as others required.

  1. Time flexibility

You will have such flexibility in managing time because shopping online needs only a short time.

  1. Free of charge

It takes no charge when you have to go shopping on Emi without credit card.

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Considering all about Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card 2018, I personally suggest that you use Emi, too. If you run on business which needs online payment, Emi is the simplest way as it requires no credit card. So that you will be easier in doing online purchasing.

Finally, this page is expected to be helpful to you as the information given is clear enough. Have a nice try to Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card 2018 and happy shopping.

Buy Mobile on EMI without Credit Card 2018
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