Best Ad Blocker for Android
Best Ad Blocker for Android

18 Best Ad Blocker for Android 2018 (Android Ad Blocker Apps)

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18 Best Ad Blocker for Android 2018 (Android Ad Blocker Apps) – If you are often annoyed by the popup ads, rest assured that there is some of the best ad blocker for Android 2018. These ads blockers can be pretty effective when it comes to blocking the popup notifications and advertisements. You have to admit that the online websites do have their own perks when it comes to delivering you information. But the existence of the ads can be annoying. Unfortunately, the website owners don’t really mind the ads because the advertisements would ensure their streams of income. The advertisements would direct traffic to their websites.

Best Ad Blocker for Android
Best Ad Blocker for Android

However, what the website owners want is different from the users. Obstructive and annoying ads are definitely disturbing, especially when they appear in the middle of a running video or an article. But you also need to remember that not all ads are annoying. Some of them are included as the white ads which mean that they aren’t as annoying as the others. The black ads, on the other hand, are quite annoying. Some of them are pretty illegal. So, what are your options when it comes to the best ad blocker?

Best Ad Blocker for Android 2018

Adguard Content Blocker

Adguard Content Blocker
Adguard Content Blocker

When you have this app, not only you won’t have to worry about the existence of the ads, you won’t have to worry about your private information anymore. In some cases, some ads can steal your important data and information as they are acting as the spying agents for malicious intention. This app is completely useful and handy, and you should be free from any unwanted and sudden-appearing ads. As one of the best ad blocker for Android 2018, you can deal with various kinds of ads, such as popup or general advertisements like banners. Not only it can block the ads, it will also delete every info and data related to the ads – this will affect the browsing speed of the website. You will see that the website would react more responsively and faster once the ads are gone.

Adguard Content Blocker Pros:

  • This is a completely free app that you can use easily
  • The user interface is simple and easy
  • It can also protect your system from any mischievous or malicious virus
  • Download and management of the app is super easy and convenient

Adguard Content Blocker Cons:

  • You will have to do a monthly update manually, which can be considered fussy and full of hassle. Some people don’t mind doing so but some do mind

CM Browser Ad Blocker

CM Browser
CM Browser

It isn’t an app but a standalone browser that can help you with the popup and ads blocking management. This is a default-management for the adblocking. You will notice how improved the website speed and performance is after the installation of the app. Because the ads are basically hidden (by the default), they can add the burden into the overall system. But thanks to this app, you can eliminate the adds and make the performance run faster.

Besides the efficient adblocking system, the system also offers nice page translation, which can be quite cool, considering that not all browsers are offering such a thing. This is also good for your privacy because all of your sensitive data will be well protected and hidden from any prying eyes. It comes with its own history cleaning feature, which is super great and effective to keep all of your data private and hidden.

CM Browser Ad Blocker Pros:

  • You can find the app easily from the Play Store
  • The size is small and yet the power is huge and big, it won’t take up much space in your memory
  • Managing and tweaking the app is simple and easy
  • one of the best ad blocker for Android 2018
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CM Browser Ad Blocker Cons:

  • Some users claim that there are some basic issues for the internal operations of the systems. You’d probably want to consult an expert before installing the app.

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Disconnect for Samsung Internet Browser

Disconnect for Samsung Internet Browser

If you are looking for a premium and trusted app, considered as one of the best ad blocker for Android 2018, you have found the right app. Disconnect for Samsung Internet Browser will let you control your ads management as well as your privacy through simple and easy way. Although advertisements aren’t the same, some of them can be not only annoying but also disturbing and damaging. They can affect your bandwidth as well as battery life – not to mention that your entertainment enjoyment will be hugely affected. There are tons of things to like about the app. First of all, it is free. Second, it is easily managed and tweaked. Third, it offers you premium privacy that may not be found from other adblocking apps.

Disconnect for Samsung Internet Browser Pros:

  • With this app, it is like having your own multifunctional app where you can protect your privacy and block the ads at the same time
  • The app also comes with VPN service

Disconnect for Samsung Internet Browser Cons:

  • It is not an entirely free app. If you want to gain access to the premium and quality service, you will have to pay around $40. For some people, that amount of money is too much for privacy and ads blocking service
  • Be prepared to know that some of the features or services are available for Samsung devices only – which can be a huge down point.

AdBlock Fast

AdBlock Fast
AdBlock Fast

The app isn’t a new one because it has been around for a while. However, if you are looking for an app that is completely free and its services are well covered even without the paid offer, this would be the perfect option for you. Rest assured that blocking most of the ads will be done automatically and you can also expect an improved speed and performance to the websites you have accessed or used. However, this is one of the best ad blocker for Android 2018 that is specifically designed for Samsung devices. If you use other mobile devices than Samsung, this app may not be able to function well.

AdBlock Fast Pros:

  • This is an open source app so developers can still make adjustments or changes to improve its function and use.
  • The usage is simple – not complicated at all

AdBlock Fast Cons:

  • It is only for Samsung devices. If you use other brands, you may want to consider other adblocker apps

Adblocker Free Browser

Adblocker Free Browser
Adblocker Free Browser

As one of the best ad blocker for Android 2018, this app has many benefits and advantages. If you want to prevent any popup to appear on the website, installing this app will help. The name free suggests that you can improve its features and functions with the paid service – yes, there is the Pro version for this one.

Adblocker Free Browser Pros:

  • It is free
  • It is easy to use

Adblocker Free Browser Cons:

  • The adblocking ability isn’t 100% perfect but it should be able to block around 90% of the ads quite effectively and efficiently.
  • The features on the free version are limited. You need to choose the Pro version (which is a paid service) if you want to get more.  

Adblock Browser for Android

Adblock Browser for Android
Adblock Browser for Android

With this Adblock Browser for Android, not only you can remove the annoying ads, but you can also reduce the data consumption and increasing loading times. In short, it is able to improve the mobile performance as well. Managing and using the app is easy – once you activate it, you are good to go.

Adblock Browser for Android Pros:

  • You can find essential features from the app easily

Adblock Browser for Android Cons:

  • You may be required to donate through PayPal to show your support.

Which is The Best android Ad Blocker No Root 2018

  1. AdGuard for Android

  2. Free Adblocker Browser

  3. Anti Adware

  4. Adblock Plus for Android

  5. Adaway Ad Blocker Android

  6. Adblock Browser for Android

  7. DNS66 | Block Ads & Trackers without Root

  8. Kaspersky Antivirus & Security

  9. Adblock Plus – Best Ad Blocker

Which is The Best Ad Blocker Apps for Rooted Android 2018

  • Block This
  • NetGuard
  • AdAway
  • TrustGo Ad Detector
  • Brave Browser
  • AppBrain Ad Detector
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Aside from the downside, this app is easily used and tweaked. No complicated arrangement. No wonder if it is included in the best ad blocker for Android 2018 lists.

18 Best Ad Blocker for Android 2018 (Android Ad Blocker Apps)
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