Things to Do When You Want To Give Up

2020 has not been an easy year with the lockdown, financial stress, and mental distress due to the pandemic. Staying in homes for days and months without being able to go out and meet friends has been an emotionally upside down ride for all of us. We all had plans that didn't work out as we thought and goals that are not achieved on the estimated deadlines. On the one hand, where everyone has more time to spend with their families, the inability to get things done in a pre-planned manner takes a toll on mental health, and many people have given up on their work and passion in this time of uncertainty.

Why Do We Give Up?

This is a question we often ask ourselves but mostly lack the answer to it. Some say it is depression; some say it's a loss of interest, and others call it lack of motivation. But where does the depression arise? Why do people lose interest in something they were passionate about? Why do people lack motivation about something they have been doing for a while?

Though there could be a number of answers and explanations to these questions, the most relatable is haywire - when things get difficult to manage, or it seems like everything is getting out of control. It could be in any way. Either it is demanding more time than you thought or more competition, leading to more effort than you were previously putting. It might seem like giving up is easy, but it's not.

Let's talk about a sportsman who had been trying to win a title for a long time. After multiple attempts, just in the semi-finals, he loses from his opponent, and he can see all his effort going to drain. He must be thinking of giving up, wondering that he would never be able to win it. But is that easy? Knowing how hard you worked for it, day and night just to achieve that one milestone! Thoughts of giving up might pop up in his mind, yet he has to gather all this skill and give his best shot in the finals. This is what makes it possible for him to win the title. He would be low on motivation or be disheartened, but he lingers on his desire to win. And wins the title.

Giving up is never a choice, and nobody chooses it. Yes, we know it! But circumstances and the time sometimes doesn't allow us to give a second thought and believe that we made the right decision. Are you losing hope about your healthy eating? Don't worry, start fresh tomorrow. Is the business facing a loss? Take a break, change some strategies. Letting yourself stay positive about life is all that you need to keep going!

Why Shouldn't You Give Up?

Among many reasons not to give up in life is HOPE. It is knowing that there is something good waiting for you at the end of this black tunnel. What is hope? Hope is about trust. It is about knowing that there are ways you can find out to get out of a particular situation and not giving up on it. The belief that everything is supposed to be right in the end, and it can be good if we strive for it and make an effort. Knowing that sticking onto your desire and passion is essential to get it. And hoping for everything to fall into place, sooner or later. Hope is all it is!

Ask Yourself These Questions When You Feel Like Giving Up

Ask Yourself These Questions When You Feel Like Giving Up
Ask Yourself These Questions When You Feel Like Giving Up

Sometimes even little things in life might be affecting your mood, and you would need some positivity in life. The stress might be emotional and mental, just like the current pandemic situation where it is getting difficult to concentrate on many things. Asking yourself a few questions helps determine the reason for your distress or disconnection from matters you were previously interested in. When you feel like giving up, ask yourself these questions, and you might be able to figure out the reason.

  • Have you eaten something healthy in the past few hours?

As much as we tend to forget the effect of good food on our mood, it is necessary! Several kinds of food have a positive impact on your mental being, making you feel energized and motivated to work. Eating dark chocolates, berries, almonds, and other nuts can be beneficial if you feel tired or low.

  • Did you drink enough water?

Water is essential for your body to work properly, and not having enough water results in dehydration - you feel tired.

  • Did you have a proper sleep?

Sleep is one of the most influential factors in your daily mood. Have you noticed how a good nap elevates your mood suddenly!

  • Have you let out what you feel?

Talking to someone you love and trust can be an effective way of getting away with the unproductive feelings that stop you from putting effort. Somebody who listens to you without judgment is an excellent companion in your low times. Penning down your feelings is another way out if you do not feel like talking to someone.

If you do not find the cause of inactivity and standstill in life while you think of giving up, a few things can help you cope with the situation.

What to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

1. Think About How Bad You Wanted It

Think about the time when you were dreaming of the day when you would achieve your goal. Think about how much you were invested in it, how you sacrificed your sleep and missed parties with your friends to make your dream come true. Beginnings are complicated, but they get beautiful with time. Think of it as planting a seedling and how you have been waiting for the flower to bloom. If, at this moment, you stop caring about the plant and do not water it - would it become the gorgeous flower you dreamed about? You have to keep watering your thoughts the same way, assuring yourself, "I will achieve the dream I have been working so hard for!"

2. Start Journaling

Start Journaling
Start Journaling

It doesn't matter if you are adapting to a healthy lifestyle, starting college again, or establishing a business - start journaling. Journaling is a perfect way of staying positive. Write down all the positive aspects of your day. Penning down the minor and major developments will help you understand how much you have grown throughout and how you have cut down on the junk or sugar even if you cannot follow the diet correctly. Or how your sales have risen even if it's not hundreds of dollars. Drops make an ocean, and the little progress every day will motivate you to work hard and achieve more.

3. Plan With Realistic Expectations

Let's say you launched a clothing line just before the pandemic hit, and you expected lots of sales considering its new year's eve. However, things didn't go as planned, and people had to stay in homes for months. Consequently, a drop in sales of apparel stores was seen, which led to lesser sales of your brand, too. A positive step can be adding articles to your brand that people prefer to buy nowadays, like comfortable PJs and loungewear. A little bit of modification is what we need while thinking of giving up on our dreams and goals.

4. Start From The Basics

Starting from the basics might sound vague or too much or effort when you are already not feeling the best about something. But it is one of the best things to do. If you think you have not progressed, many things are stationary, go back, and see how everything has evolved and how you have come this far. What things along the course were beneficial, and what are the problems you are facing now. It is never too late to take a fresh start. Just go down the memory lane and plan everything again with new visions to achieve your goal.

5. Take a Break

It might not seem the most appropriate thing to you when you are all set to let go of a goal, but it is far better than giving up. You tell yourself that I need some time to think about it all over again and see how things can be improved. Delaying can never be worse than canceling your aims and efforts . Anytime you feel that it is not the right time for you to do something and not everything is falling into place, taking a break is one of the most reasonable solutions. It lets you think with a relaxed mind, and you come back with better ideas of progress.

6. Take Professional Help

Take Professional Help
Take Professional Help

Taking professional help sometimes becomes mandatory when you cannot find the root cause or a solution to the issue. The support can be from a financial expert/ nutritionist/ teacher/ counselor/ therapist or any other person who can guide you. As they say, two ones make an eleven, having someone to guide you when you find yourself lost on an island of emotions is a blessing and inevitable need. If you slightly feel the need for professional help, do not hesitate.

7. Talk To a Friend

As taking professional help is important, so it is talking to a friend. On occasions, we might not need to see a counselor or a therapist, but a friend who would listen to us and help us fight our demons . Sometimes it's just us holding tight to all the wrong things happening around, which casts a significant effect on our mental capabilities. Sharing your thoughts and insecurities with a trustful person can be a great help in understanding that giving up on anything is not the right thing. You need to be positive and trust in the times that are yet to come. You have to buckle up and start it again in a better way with clearer thoughts.

Everyone doesn't need to be the best version of themselves all the time. What is important, is knowing that no matter how worse circumstances become, YOU DO NOT GIVE UP! You fight and make efforts until you achieve your goal!

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